Preferred Real Estate Lenders


High Technology Lending, Inc - Palmdale, CA  

A local direct lender with  excellent loan rates, flexible loan products and exceptional customer service.

 For a free consultation contact Albert Aimer - Senior Loan Officer

818-823-1383 Direct

661-450-3560 Office

661-450-3561 Fax





Dignified Home Loans - Palmdale, CA

Direct lender with responsive friendly service and fast lending decisions.

For a free consultation contact Justin Sorsabal

661-362-6447 Direct

661-269-6900 Mobile

805-267-8484 Fax





Paramount Residential Mortgage Group

Full service mortgage broker with an experienced staff offering expertise in all areas of mortgage lending.

For a free consultation contact Patricia Lopez - Senior Loan Officer

661-478-1951 Direct

951-547-5729 Fax